50 Compositions


November 2023
Graphic Design

In the beginning of the Fall 2023 semeter, my Junior Graphic Design Studio professor gave us the challenge of picking one poster and using it to make 50 more posters. Once we used the elements (colors, imagery, type) of the poster to create 50 new ones, everyone had to find a way to physically present the work. 

I chose to present my work as a book, which allowed me to experiment with different layouts. I enjoyed deciding on all of the details that made this book come to life, like the size of the pages, margins, type of binding, paper, and smaller things like the typeface of the page numbers. 

This was my first time spiral binding, as well as the first time I was able to have full freedom over the design and layout of a project. I definitely learned a lot during this project and I’m excited that I get to share it here!

Below is a full slideshow of every spread, and also a video of me flipping through the book to give a better sense of the scale.

Video Flip-Through (will open in a new window):